About Volunteering

Volunteers are an important part of our facility. Helping with basic chores, facility maintenance, to office work help keep things running smoothly. We want you to know that we appreciate our Volunteers very much.

We are open to Volunteer on Saturdays from 8 am until 12 noon, we may go longer if working on a project. These are the times also for children who want to come to learn about horses. Visitors to the facility can come at those times or if contact us for an appointment. If you want to volunteer you can fill out & print the Volunteer Form from here and PLEASE read our Handbook. The last page you will sign that you have read it and will follow the guidelines, rules and dress code. 

Volunteers will be classified under a "stop light" system.

Red: New volunteers-- those with no horse experience or even experienced horse people, must learn facility basics and requirements set out in the Handbook.

Yellow: Volunteers who have learned and passed requirements set out in the Handbook and evaluated by Staff concerning facility basics, knows the horses on property, has learned how to halter and lead horses, etc.

Green: These volunteers have learned all aspects of the facility, are experienced handlers of the horses and have met the requirements set in the Handbook and evaluated by Staff. 


Please email and we will send to you until we get a new format for here!