Sanctuary Horses



Sadie came to us in 2006, nearly blind in both eyes, she was abandoned at auction where they did not want to feed her. She was #800 underweight.  We hd surgery on one eye and gave her  a few years with limited sight. She has progressively grown worse over the years and sees shadows in one and completely blind in the other. Sadie lives in a pasture with one horse for her companion to help her get around.

Sadie needs a sponsor for her care.

Those Needing a Soft Place to Land


"In the steady gaze of the horse shines a silent eloquence that speaks of love and loyalty, strength and courage. It is the window that reveals to us how willing is his spirit, how generous his heart”



Migs aka as "Moo Moo" was brought in 2015 extremely emaciated and near death.  He has completed his weight gain but has residual issues due to his neglect. Migs does ride and gives limited lessons here. 



Golide aka as Plum's Golden Day was born with us April 29, 2007. Her dam came in pregnant and in poor health. Goldie is under contract to live her life here and as a 2 year old was kicked in the head resulting in some limited neurological issues. She will live her life out here at the facility. Goldie needs a sponsor for her care. 



Snowflake came in from a seizure of 40 miniatures. Her hooves were extremely overgrown and she was very thin. Snowflake is an older horse and does therapy and interacts very well with the elderly who come here. She will live her life out here. 



Jack was used as a roping dumby and they busted his eye up. After a period of time we had to remove his "raisin" eye and make him more comfortable. Jack will remain here for life and needs a sponsor. 

Sanctuary Horses



Tipper was rescued from the Amish who trashed all 4 of his legs from pulling carts. Tipper is a Morgan and is doing much better with supplements in being comfortable. Tipper needs a sponsor for his care and will live his life out here.



Mihunka came to us with an open sore on his spine exposing deep tissue. He was being ridden with a fractured fetlock. He is currently in a foster home to companion a companion horse that was adopted from us. 



Shota came in from an abuse/neglect case. She is an Arabian and standoffish with people. She picks and chooses who she will interact with. Shota will live her life out here and needs a sponsor.

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Becket came to us in 2008 under contract for life to remain here. Becket is a Thoroughbred who didn't like racing. Becket gives limited lessons and educates those who come her to work with horses here. Becket is a character to all who come here who loves butt scratches. Becket needs a sponsor. 

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