Edye Lucas (405) 417-4918

We want to thank Edye Lucas for not only being the great dentist she is, but for also helping those who want to learn, the importance of maintaining a horses teeth. Equine Dentistry has changed over the years from the typical "float" with a rasp to now using pneumatic tools. Having someone who is EXPERIENCED and utilizes those tools correctly is highly important. Many who are not, can "over float" teeth making it even worse on horses who rely upon those teeth to eat. Injuries to the inside of the mouth can happen causing infections that can be fatal.

Our photos below of Edye doing teeth show you how no matter whether your horse is big like a draft to small like a miniature teeth need to be looked at and floated. Even youngsters like Chardoneigh (bottom) are not too young to have their teeth looked at to make sure they are growing properly. Horses shed their "baby" teeth aka as "caps" to get to their adult teeth. Some incidents happen where those caps do not come off properly and can harm the teeth below. An equine dentist can help guide you on regular maintenance.

If you are looking for someone to do your horses teeth please contact Edye. She travels around the US and can work you into her schedule.