Think Before Adopting


Before You Adopt

We ask that if this is your first time owning a horse that you come to learn about caring for a horse and if you have a particular horse in mind that you spend time getting to know your forever companion. We want to ensure that it is a great "fit" with the horse you adopt. We also ask that if you are on this road to owning a horse that you look into and learn all you can about what is required to care for your equine friend. Horse ownership is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Medical emergencies arise, proper nutrition, farrier care and other necessities are things that you must take into consideration.​​

Stop Light Sytem

We have implemented an "upside down" Stop Light System for the horses in our care. 

GREEN: Horses in the Green category are horses that anyone can handle. Basically older horses  or horses with more experience, have lots of handling and can be easily lead, groomed, tied, saddled, ridden, etc

YELLOW: Horses that can be handled by those with experience who may need some supervision. Horses that do all the ground work but can at times may need desensitized to new things-things they don't know.

RED: Horses that need an experienced handler who needs to be aware the horse may have the propensity to spook. Horses that are not trained,  young, or if not worked for a period of time can be "hot" to handle or excited. 

Dreaming of a Horse?

"When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered"

Approved application and contract required.

Thank you for looking at the horses we have for Adoption. Adopting a horse is a way to give a horse a forever home and a second chance in life. We have an adoption application process and a contract that must be signed if approved. 

Adoption Process

Email for an application

So your interested in adopting a horse and having your dream come true of that forever friend to groom, walk with, perhaps even ride on trails. As the old saying goes "putting the cart before the horse" is something I'd like to discuss. Many times people contact us about adopting and have never owned a horse, its been since childhood where memories bring about a sense of nostalgia, or perhaps they own one now and want another. We here at the facility like to spend as much time as possible educating those who have no horse experience or even current horse owners on the many facets of providing care. 

We ask that those of you who are interested in adopting spend time learning HOW to care for a horse BEFORE getting one. Many times people don't stop to think of all the things needed--time, finances, emotional attachment, etc that are required to care for a horse. We always try to get folks who are so excited to just take a deep breath and lets start at the beginning. Learning all the things needed can be done by Volunteering your time here and spending time with a horse--if you have one in mind that you want to adopt to see if its a good "fit" or just learning with the various ones we have here. We want to have a successful adoption so making sure that bond is in place is paramount.​​

If you choose to go to an individual to purchase a horse please have a pre-purchase exam done by a vet. Know what you are getting beforehand. You are always welcome to have one done on a horse that you choose to adopt here also. We provide as much information as we have on the horses here.

You must submit an application so it can be processed and it must be approved and contract signed before a horse can be considered "adopted". Please allow 2-7 days for this to be completed. We do not "sell" horses so the process takes time to complete. We do NOT hold horses. The first application put in is first in line and if approved gets the horse. If denied we will move to the next one. If you are seriously interested in a horse then please put in the application to be first in line and you can pay the adoption fee--to be held pending approval. If you are not approved the fee will be returned. If you submit an application and we do not hear from you for 3 days then we will consider your interest non-valid. We will move on the the next person interested in the horse.  

The Process

Our Adoption process is an application, you can fill it out and submit it to us. Just because you submit an application is not a guaranteed approval. We have many factors including researching or doing background checks when needed to make sure that the horses that we have cared for go into qualified homes. If you are approved for adoption then there is a contract that you are required to sign. We ask that you read the contract before beginning this process. We have a STRICT NO breeding clause. There are many horses out there that need homes that breeding more is not necessary. We also require that if you no longer can care for or want the horse that it MUST return to the facility. This is to prohibit them from going into another abusive, neglectful situation OR going to an auction/slaughter. Please understand this and also that we require the ability to do site checks on the horse/s. This is to verify that they are being cared for and to stay in touch, bringing a support system when needed to the adopter. If you have questions, concerns or issues with the horse after adopting we would like to be available to help assist.