Currently at this time we are not accepting surrenders except for medical or cruelty issues. We will take your information and retain it if we have a slot open up. Funding is limited on how many horses we can care for and we focus on those horses needing our specialized care. We can help post out to the public that you are in need of a home for your horse if we have all the information and photos to do so. This will be handled between you and the person who would offer a home. Horse Feathers is not responsible for this re-homing and this decision is totally up to the horse owner on whom you choose to let your horse go to. We suggest you ask questions, go check out the place your horse would go to, ask for references if needed and make sure that it is not a "broker" or "kill buyer" collecting horses for money. Those horses go to slaughter.

We work diligently to find solutions to those wanting to surrender their horses. We will ask lots of questions to find out the reasons behind the need to surrender. Many times the owner wants to keep the horse but finding solutions is difficult, emotions run high. Keeping the horse in its home is our goal if all possible. We ask that you think through your decision completely and look at all your options. One of the most difficult situations is for us to get an older horse, that has lived its life with someone and they fall into a depression and refuse to eat, it takes time for us to get the horse to return to emotional health as well as physical. If unable then we are in a position where the horse would need to be euthanized.

I hear a lot from people that they "don't want them to wind up at auction", yes they would immediately go to slaughter and those horses suffer the abuse and neglect at these places that are worse than making a decision for end of life. In these times euthanasia is the best, kindest option. Most do not want to consider this but doing what is best for the horse is paramount. If euthanasia is needed we can refer you to those who offer assistance to pay for those costs. If it is a situation of needing temporary assistance we will refer you to our Assistance Programs. Currently we do not have funding for a Hay Bank but will seek resources to help. We have our Blanket Bank to help those in need help maintain warmth for the winter months ahead. There are many "owner assistance" programs if you search the internet. 

We do not accept Stallions or horses with "stud" behavior. Maintaining safety for Staff and visitors is paramount, as well as we do not allow breeding at our facility. We will not have "accidental" breedings by having an adult stallion on premises. Very young stallions (1 year or younger) IF accepted, we would have castrated by the equine hospital and in Quarantine for 30 days after castration by our veterinarian.  Many times people want to keep their horse but cant due to his (stud) behavior. If you are wanting to keep your horse but he is acting "study" or you want to prevent breeding we can help with those costs if funds are available, refer you to a program that will assist or when available we have Castration Clinics FREE to the public. You can check back to see if we are holding one.

We ask that you take the time to think through your decision and help find the best solution for your horse. 

If you have questions or would like to brainstorm solutions email us: