Owner Assistance


Food Bank

Food For The Hungry Program is to provide hay to horses owned by private individuals in need and to help horse owners who are facing financial hardship, those who have suffered losses due to natural disasters, with temporary hay or food assistance. By providing this service, we strongly believe that we can help to keep the area’s horses with their loving families. We firmly feel that when a horse can stay in its known environment, and with people who are educated, care about the horse, and know its history it is the best solution for both parties. 

This program will run for as long as we can obtain, and retain funding. Our resources are limited and we review applications on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, or if you are needing assistance, please see our guidelines and application for assistance. If you have hay or food to donate to assist with the program it is tax deductible, please email us.

Blanket Bank

Horse Feathers has implemented the Blanket Bank, which is intended to assist those in need by providing access to a blanket to keep their horses warm, enabling them to utilize their feed for weight, not warmth.

Due to extreme cold and drought conditions, many horses are disadvantaged going into winter because hay has been harder to get, prices increase later in the year, or hay is of poor quality. Keeping weight on is a struggle, especially for many elderly or compromised horses. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation for this project, please contact us. If you need assistance for your animal, an application is available. Sizes are limited.


We support programs that help with Owner Assistance in gelding those horses to help reduce the number of horses that wind up at auctions going to slaughter, abandoned due to stud behaviors, and to help stop the Backyard Breeders. If you need your horse gelded contact us and we will put you in touch with those offering assistance. We hope in the future to be able to provide a program that owners can apply to us to get those horses done. Please have your vet do this delicate procedure. Too many times we see those who have traumatized horses or see fatal results by not having a veterinarian who will sedate the horse, lay them down and then do a correct castration. If you need a vet please check out Oakridge on our Health Page.


Euthanasia is a topic that most horse owners don't want to discuss. Euthanasia programs exist to help Owners who are in need of a way to end life with dignity and love. A qualified veterinarian can sedate the horse before administering the drugs that send them to "heaven". Please consider the decision that you may need to make will be the best for your horse when there are no other alternatives or there are mitigating factors. Many times we get calls from someone who want us to take their "28" year old horse from the only home it has ever known, has health issues, put it on a trailer that it has not seen in many years, to go to live in a different place. This can be scary for the horse leaving its home and it is stressful. In these circumstances we would recommend that someone allow their beloved horse to be laid to rest in their home peacefully. If you need assistance with euthanasia we can put you in touch with programs that will help. We hope that in the future we will be able to have our own program to apply to. In rare circumstances, pending having funds available we can help in emergency situations. Email us for more information. 


We are expanding our Disaster Assistance Program to those who have been victims of Tornados, Fires or any other natural disaster or Act of Terrorism. Currently we are limited on supplies but hope that through grants and fundraisers we can increase the things we have to give. If you are a victim of disaster email us for information.


Contact us for an application to apply for assistance. Submitting an application does not signify that you will receive it.