Disaster Response & Training

Recovery Hoods


Currently we are looking for a donor who would want to sponsor $400 to get the recovery hoods we need to have with our equipment. This will aid in not only rescues but those horses that may come here needing rehabilitation.

Becker Sling


Through a grant provided from the ASPCA we now have a Becker Sling to aid in rescue and those horses who come here for rehab.

Large Animal Rescue Training


July of 2015 we held a training here for Large Animal Rescue. We what to thank Code 3 & Equine Emergency Response Unit. 



Through a grant from ASPCA we were able to have panels brought in to not only provide an arena here but they are mobile that we can swing them into pens to assist if horses need to come in here due to disasters.

Fleet of Angels


In need of assistance to transport horses to new homes or away from incoming disasters or disasters that have happened? Contact Fleet of Angels. 

Put your information in the database if you are able to assist others or are looking for help. 

National Equine Evacuation Directory


Thousands of trailer owners, facility owners, and service providers are on stand-by to help get at-risk equines evacuated and to safe havens during natural disasters. This directory of these providers is designed for easy use by individuals, professionals, organizations, agencies and the media. Provided by Fleet of Angels