Barn Manager Internship

Additional Information

This is a position for those who want to get into Barn Management or currently in school for courses to do so. Online courses are great for this positon as you will have time to study between your responsibilities. 

This position allows you to start out at a small facility and work on your skills to move on to larger barns. It allows you to help us at our nonprofit rescue/rehabilitaton center with all the areas we focus on. Must be someone who is motivated, has organizational skills, people skills, communication skills, able to work with Staff here.

This is an "on site" position. Must be drug and alcohol free while on site. We do not allow alcohol on the property. We will check references as needed, Facebook pages, and if necessary do background checks. We are looking for someone for 3-4 months. 

Idea list of what is required, more upon interviewing:

Work day shift in the barn (feeding, turn out, stalls, etc.) Up at 6am, at barn by 6:30

Manage the weekly task list & Training schedule

Follow up with Staff on repairs, things needing ordered, etc 

Watch for lights left on, doors open, muck tubs being left full, dirty barn isle, water tank cleaning & auto waterer cleaning, etc. 

Monitor the quality of stall cleaners’ work  

Monitor the amount of bedding & supplies 

Manage the barn hay supply 

Assist with staff scheduling  

Report broken equipment & supplies  

Assist with feed room management & feed schedules.

Supervise Volunteers on tasks

Manage the weekly task list  

Someone with initiative and organized, people skills, not afraid of physical work. Someone who can work independantly-- no hand holding. No princesses or entitled attitudes - We don't do drama. Someone 19 or older, single. Proper barn attire MANDATORY. No alcohol/drugs allowed on property. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets or additional horses. We currently have 8 dogs on property/in house and cats at the barn, one in house (diabetic).

Other Requirements:

Someone with knowledge of feeding routines, ability to do schedules, know what proper tack care & cleaning is, help keep volunteers and others motivated and on task here. Basically to "follow up" and make sure things are running smoothly and training is flowing & on schedule. 

Have knowledge of lounging, starting ground work, desensitizing, exercise riding, training and handling horses to ensure being done. Someone with people skills who can work with the volunteers who come here to learn. Must know how to clean tack and tack horses to follow up that everyone is doing correctly. 

Job Benefits:

Benefit from helping horses have a second chance at life as well as helping others learn. Work reference for those who stay for a minimum of 3 months. Opportunity to work with various breeds, temperaments, levels of training and more. A way to challenge yourself to build on skills you want to develop.


Free Room/Board/Meals--3 meals daily, snacks, etc. Laundry supplies, bathroom supplies.  Free wi-fi. Dorm type room may be Co-Ed until we finish the other room, we are working on the second room for men to stay in if someone applies. Full bath in hallway, you must keep it clean as it is our "Guest" bath also. 5 miles from town, shopping. 

Will pick up from airport. Can assist with transport to town. Must clean own dishes, cooking area. Must be early riser to move on to barn chores and running facility.

Days and times off can be discussed to set schedule.