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Before Adopting


We ask that if this is your first time owning a horse that you come to learn about caring for a horse and if you have a particular horse in mind that you spend time getting to know your forever companion. We want to ensure that it is a great "fit" with the horse you adopt. We also ask that if you are on this road to owning a horse that you look into and learn all you can about what is required to care for your equine friend. Horse ownership is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Medical emergencies arise, proper nutrition, farrier care and other necessities are things that you must take into consideration.​​

Dreaming of a Horse?


"When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered"

Approved application and contract required.

Thank you for looking at the horses we have for Adoption. Adopting a horse is a way to give a horse a forever home and a second chance in life. We have an adoption application process and a contract that must be signed if approved. 

Stop Light System


We have implemented an "upside down" Stop Light System for the horses in our care. 

GREEN: Horses in the Green category are horses that anyone can handle. Basically older horses  or horses with more experience, have lots of handling and can be easily lead, groomed, tied, saddled, ridden, etc

YELLOW: Horses that can be handled by those with experience who may need some supervision. Horses that do all the ground work but can at times may need desensitized to new things-things they don't know.

RED: Horses that need an experienced handler who needs to be aware the horse may have the propensity to spook. Horses that are not trained,  young, or if not worked for a period of time can be "hot" to handle or excited. 




BREED: Paint

Adoption Fee: $750

Age: 15

Chalk is a 15 yr old gelding. He has been ridden--would consider him green, but needs taken back to ground work and back into a routine. He is very easy to handle, stands for farrier, stocky build. With some time he would make a nice horse to go back on trails. Prior owner said he was ridden on trials, stands tied on picket, hobbled, loads, backs out, and he was bathed when came here.  

Chalk is back to work in the round pen, working on leg aids, lunging and needs someone who wants to exercise him back into shape and enjoy a nice horse.  




BREED: Arabian cross

Adoption Fee: $750

Age: 10

Jazzi is a very sweet, easy to work with horse. She needs a serious FOREVER home. She was returned due to adopters circumstances and wants a permanent place to land.

She is a horse that would love to be a girly horse, loved on, and to learn more riding skills. 

STRICT NO breeding clause



Florenzo-- GREEN

BREED: Trakehner

Adoption Fee: $750

Age: 11

We will have some updated photos and information soon!

Florenzo has been ridden in the past but with improper fitted tack. He is being restarted and worked with to make sure all tack fits and he gets used to being worked with in a good way. 




BREED: Thoroughbred  

 Adoption Fee: $500   

Age: 16   

Wayne came into the facility emaciated and had some wounds that have been healed. He is being re-trained. He raced and then was ridden by some who were not so kind on his mouth and back. We are working to get him used to being tacked again and may try him "bitless" to see how he does.  ​Wayne is a nice mover, would be good for Dressage or some type of event.   ​He needs someone who has time and energy to give him a job. He handles very well on the ground, does well for farrier. 




BREED: Mustang

Adoption Fee: $500

Age: 3

# 6568 Bay Filly    3 year old  we have been calling her Bindi  

Captured 04/01/2015   B- NMF56

If you are interested in her and would like to come help with her training while forming a bond before adoption we highly encourage you. She will begin working more on her feet for farrier, desensitizing, lunging and anything we can do to help make her the best horse she can be!

STRICT NO breeding clause.




BREED: Paint

Adoption Fee:$500

Age: 11

Meadow was born at the facility in 2007. She was adopted out and returned in 2016. Meadow was handled from birth so is used to people, kids have lead her with supervision. Meadow needs an experienced adopter and someone who is a leader without being abusive. Meadow has times when she is "opinionated" but comes around when in a routine and worked with. 

Meadow was worked on lunging, and tacking but not backed/ridden. With the right adopter who has the time she would come around and bond with someone making a nice horse.
STRICT NO breeding clause.




BREED: Miniature

Adoption Fee: $250

AGE: approx 5yrs

Skye is a miniature mare. She has had facial nerve damage and her lower lip sits somewhat sideways. She can eat, has had her dental done. She wants attention all the time and will push others away for it so she would do well alone for someone wanting a companion to groom and love. Skye is on hay only. Does not need grain. STRICT NO breeding clause.





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